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Our Ancestors on EarthOur Ancestors on Earth

The OAoE (Our Ancestors on Earth) Robot is a durable, metallic USB Flash Drive.

It contains the complete OAoE Flipping Book in both Windows and MAC formats. It also has an additional HTML page with the OAoE Cover and link to this, Our Ancestors on Earth website. It comes with a nice black velvet pouch, with drawstrings and two plastic pulls.

Your OAoE Robot weighs in at a hefty 1/8 pound or 56.7 grams. Yes, OAoE will stand upright and even sports two tiny eye holes! OAoE glows red when on. This light escapes his body by the leg holes and reflects on its feet.

It will be available for a limited time at what amounts to our cost of $15 USD. We will not add any tax, shipping or handling, but PayPal might add a tax* in some situations.

If you wish to purchase both the Book & the Robot, an additional $5 will be discounted: $50 + $15 - $5 = $60.

{Note: You will receive two [2] Books + one [1] Robot while the Opening SALE lasts.}
Our Ancestors on Earth

The Custom Inscription option is for the OAoE Book only.

We have no way of telling what size this Robot USB Flash Drive will appear with your particular monitor and resolution. The area shown for our logo is 14.97mm [W] x 20.0mm [H]. Overall, it is about 3" tall.

This Robot is an extremely popular product!

Our Ancestors on Earth   Our Ancestors on Earth

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