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Our Ancestors on Earth This is the Third Edition of Our Ancestors on Earth [Rev: 3.7 - August 24, 2014]. The First Edition was a 'mockup' to faciliate the production of original images. After a global search via eLance, all of the artwork is now original and copyrighted. Wonderful artists were found (Michigan, USA & Buenos Aires, Argentina) to illustrate this seminal book from cover to cover. The Second Edition served as a prototype. If your money is funny and your change is strange, or if you wish to see before you purchase...you may read it all here and now at no cost to you.

A guaranteed total of only 50 Special [pre-general publication] Collector's Editions will be issued and are available below. Full color, physical, 11' x 17', black coil-bound, numbered and signed copies of this Third Edition have thick, hand-made, hard covers.

This Third Edition is 100% Digitally Mastered. The wire binding allows the book to open flat. A perfect Coffee-Table Edition. Pages one through twenty-seven [except Page 24] each have two 300dpi images in the top two-thirds of each page. The inside of the front and rear cover pages consists of two larger images each. A total of 57 images plus the Cover image. Page 24 has an all new image that is as large as the previous two images and the space between them. It corrects a major error that has been perpetuated for centuries. {These images have been noted for their vibrancy and poignancy, i.e. That Sponge on the Cover in the #4 position? Did you know that you share fully 70% of your DNA with that Sponge?} All pages are printed on heavy (80#) glossed paper.

We do ask that you not 'rip and run' with the PDF. We have not gone to the considerable expense of protecting it from theft. A talented and determined hacker would get it anyway. We have put a curse, that would positively amaze you, on anyone who is unenlightened enough to steal it.

Otherwise the work is here in its entirety for you to enjoy...now.

All Special Collector's 3rd Edition books will be personally numbered and signed. Special inscription requests are welcomed and gratis. The cost of $100 for this Special Collector's 3rd Edition includes tax*, shipping & handling. [Bonus: A Robot w/ the 3rd Edition is also included.]

The link below will take you directly to Our Ancestors on Earth online. Your browser is limited to displaying at 72dpi. The images in this PDF are 96dpi. The actual hard-copy of Our Ancestors on Earth has all images at 300dpi.

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